About Flossy Gems™

We’re here to supply you with the best quality tools and materials in the industry.

We love smiles. We love highlighting imperfections, not covering them up. Flossy Gems™ is on a mission to make every smile as unique as the person wearing it is. We know the world wants to fit you into a box, but we have a way to make sure you stand out -- regardless of your placement relative to the box.

Born out our a passion for oral health, Flossy Gems™ has created an all-in-one, dental-grade kit for aspiring tooth gem technicians. By sourcing all the materials and tools, we make it easy for you to start applying tooth gems to your customers and friends. It makes for a great additional service to your business, or a fun side-hustle to pay the bills.


We make sure every tooth gems technician has all the resources and training to launch their tooth gem business. We provide online training, and provide a wealth of digital assets with every purchase.

Meet the Creator

Lace Shaw is a Registered Dental Hygienist from Calgary, AB. She is the founder of Citizen Dental Hygiene, and a drummer in Calgary-based band, Stripmall. Lace became fascinated with teeth and all things oral care in her 20s, and decided to become a dental hygienist. Once she became a registered dental hygienist, she worked in a clinic in Calgary for less than a year before taking over as co-owner of the business. 


While working full time at her clinic, Lace started looking for some ideas to make a little extra cash on the side. That’s how the idea of creating safe, dental grade tooth gem kits came from: she had a hell of a time trying to source the proper materials, tools, and safe-to-use gems -- even with her dental industry connection!

Partnering with the reputable Canadian dental lab, Aurum Group, Lace created a plan to help those new to the trend find everything they needed to get started. Flossy Gems™ developed from being Lace’s side-hustle -- applying gems to friends and strangers through pop ups at hair salons and art galleries -- to a full force.

Our Business

Based in Calgary, AB Canada


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