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Calgary, AB

Flossy Gems™ by Lace
@lace.flossygems / flossygems.com/lace
#200 - 320 23rd Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB

White Trash Flash

#312 - 908 17th Avenue Southwest, Calgary, AB

Red Deer, AB

Wild Earth Artistry
@wildearthartistry / salonwildreddeer.om
403-347-0182 / 4626 49th Street, Red Deer, AB

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our commitment

Providing clients with certified and trained technicians they can trust.

All who purchase a Flossy Gems™ Tooth Gem Technician kit, also receive proper training in order to use all materials and tools correctly and safely. As the provider of these materials and tools to the technicians, we guarantee they are dental-grade, and safe when use correctly as directed in our training. 

Any individual who does not purchase our full kit, though purchased some product from our store such as gold decals or Skyce® gems from us, may not have the proper training and set up to safely and properly apply tooth gems.

Only those who purchase our kit and receive out training and support are technically "Flossy Gems™ Technicians". If you are concerned about the credibility of a tooth gem technician using Flossy Gems™ in your area, please let us know so we can investigate. 

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Based in Calgary, AB Canada


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