The Flossy Gems™ Tooth Gem Technician Kit is an all-in-one purchase for aspiring tooth gem technicians. Once your kit arrives, you will have everything you need to add tooth gems to your services at your business, or start a lucrative side-hustle!


Anyone can become a tooth gem technician. Applying gems safely takes just minutes, and is easy to learn with our step-by-step guides!


Our tooth jewellery is designed specifically for oral application. Bonding materials are dental grade, and everything is guaranteed safe to use orally. Tooth Jewellery does not damage teeth - as it is superficially applied - and can easily be removed.


Our kit will be shipped straight to you. We are here to support all tooth gems technicians in growing their business, suppling online training as well as marketing assets.


Tooth gems are a great way to add a splash of personality or glimmer of bad-ass to any smile. They are a fun fashion and beauty accessory that is unique and special.



What's included in your Tooth Gem Technician Kit purchase?

Curing Light

Our kit comes with a dental grade and certified LED curing light. It is used to set the bond in 20 seconds, .

Protective Wear

To ensure the safety of you and your clients, we provide you with gloves, masks, and protective eyewear. Cavi-wipes are also included for disinfecting.


Each kit comes with 100 genuine crystal gems. They are lead free and safe intraorally.


Our online training video will have you up and running with your kit from anywhere. A training manual, as well as options for in-person or Skype training also included!

Bonding Solution

Enough bond to apply all 100 gems. Our bond doesn't damage enamel! It is the same used by orthodontists.

Useful Tools

Professional dental tools including placing tweezers, cheek retractors, and application brushes all included in every kit!

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As a Flossy Gems™ Technician, with good local advertising, you can make a 50%+ profit! 

We recommend pricing gems at $60-80 CDN per gem to account for the cost of the materials, your time and other overhead costs you may have. The price you charge as a Flossy Gems™ Technician is completely up to you based off the factors that affect you in your specific area. 

Once you buy the initial kit, many of the contents will last you years with proper care. The materials you will need restocked are available through our store, so you can be sure that you are continuing to use quality and dental approved materials for your Flossy Gems™ Tooth Gem Technician business. The initial cost of the kit will be paid off, and you will be able to make more profit from each gem!

Add gold decals to your order, and add more profit. We suggest pricing gold decals between $120-160 per placement.



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